Wedding Coordinating


Package A / $300

This will include all of your set up. I will meet you at your venue the morning of your wedding and help you turn all the pieces you’ve been collecting and plans you’ve been making into your dream wedding. The advantage to having a point person in charge of set up is to take pressure off of you and your family and friends. It frees them to enjoy your wedding and most importantly frees you to fully enjoy your day with all of your people around you. This package can include setting chairs and tables out, placing the table cloths, centerpieces and all other decor pieces and bringing it all together in a beautiful, timely, and stress free way. As your florist, I have a thorough understanding of your style, aesthetic and goals for your wedding. This makes taking over your decorating and general set up incredibly natural. I will also be there to coordinate and communicate with the other vendors and helpers involved to make sure that everything is executed well and in accordance with your timeline. This package is concluded once ceremony and reception sites are wedding ready.

Package B / $600

This package includes everything in Package A and includes coordinating through your ceremony and reception. This ensures that through the entire day of your wedding, I am there not only to put everything together and make it beautiful but to be available to you and your needs as well as to problem solve and take care of last minute tasks that may arise. Staying through the ceremony includes helping to organize your procession as well as to help send your family and wedding party down the aisle. This includes communicating and coordinating with your DJ to make sure this part of your day is flawless. I will also be communicating and coordinating with your caterer, and other vendors that may be there to make sure the night is moving along in accordance with your timeline, to ensure the execution is consistent with your expectations, as well making sure that nothing is forgotten. This package gives incredible peace of mind to the families hosting the wedding, knowing that they can enjoy this celebration without having to run it. It also keeps unnecessary stress and distractions away from the bride and groom as vendors will need to consistently communicate with you throughout the event, I become the buffer. I will stay through your exit making sure every piece of the day goes smoothly and according to plan, giving you a more free wedding experience.

Package C / $800+

This package is a combination of package A & B with the addition of clean up and will be contingent to what your venue requires. A lot of venues will require you to get all of your things out, as well as some housekeeping before you leave. If this is true for you, I will take over those responsibilities and complete the housekeeping list required by your venue as well as help to organize and consolidate what you have brought to the venue so that your family may leave in a timely manner. Price may vary on the responsibilities that venue has given you but the standard and starting rate is $800.